About Us

Allemana, Inc. is dedicated to providing high class internet services to businesses and individuals seeking to express their art and work online. We focus our service on lean, efficient processes while utilizing first class open source software and tools, which we leverage for the greatest flexibility and lowest cost to our customers. We prefer to avoid proprietary systems, complicated licensing agreements or any other means of subjugation. Instead, we offer the widest palette of possibilities to give our customers the highest amount of freedom.

Put simply, we believe in customer liberty through empowerment. When our clients are free to manage their projects with tools that give them the power to take their online projects into their own hands, they gain efficiency and freedom of change while freeing us to provide the services that really matter to them. The mission of our company is not "sell, sell, sell" — we'd rather see our customers fly freely of their own power while we invent new and better ways to inspire their work more fully.

To us, all clients are artists. Let us help you broaden the reach of the art you were made to create. After all, the internet is a vast and rich place that ought to establish and serve connections between people and their creations, which is the true value of any communication technology. Allemana, Inc. was founded to do what it can to add to that value.

The company was founded in 2005 by it's founder and president, Brian Allemana. Brian has been an internet developer and consultant for over twenty years, assisting businesses of many kinds with establishing and/or improving their online offerings. He continues his mission by offering new and innovative services that help the clients of Allemana, Inc. become more empowered through the latest in reliable, secure and standards-compliant technologies.

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